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We are driven to deliver customized cybersecurity services to organisations with the aim to help build and improve Cyber Security Strategy.

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Cyber Circle provides the full spectrum of tailored cyber security services, including Prediction, Prevention, Detection and Response.

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Cyber Circle professionals constantly review the latest cyber security trends and vulnerabilities of specific industries. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise.

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Government and Defence

Intelligence grants superiority. However, securely storing huge amounts of sensitive data is an ongoing challenge.


Even the false rumours of cyber-attack might significantly influence telecommunication company operations and image.

Financial Services

Direct access to the financial flows via digitalization make the Finance industry the most frequently attacked by hackers.


Integration of advanced electronics enhances the aircraft capabilities and safety, but cyber threats rise as well.


Through digital transformation, shipping companies simplify the routine tasks and reduce human error probability.

Building and Construction

Rise of digitalisation (IP video surveillance, “smart houses” or automated machines) opens the industry to cyber threats.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Unauthorized intervention in functioning of medical devices or infrastructure could literally cause life or death situations.

Manufacturing and Technology

Manufacturing has recently become the third most frequently targeted industry by cyber criminals worldwide.

Retail and e-Commerce

While the online aspects of the business provide simplicity and convenience, they also rise the risk of hacking.

Hospitality and Tourism

Technologies provide endless opportunities for personalized customer experience, but the risks increase proportionally.

Media and Entertainment

Timely publication, selected content and intellectual property security are the key for creative industries.

  • Upcoming events

    • February 17 - 21, 2019

      IDEX is the only international defence exhibition and conference in the MENA region demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence. It is a unique platform to establish and strengthen relationships with government departments, businesses and armed forces throughout the region.

    • February 25 - 27, 2019

      The two-day conference aims to engage the most promising and emerging regional & global firms, from critical national infrastructure sectors including: Energy & Utilities, Defense & Aviation, Financial Institutions, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Government Institutions. The event format will feature keynote presentations, case studies, panel discussions and technology demos. The main objective of the cyber drill is to enhance the communication and incident response capabilities of the participating teams as well as to ensure a continued collective effort in mitigating cyber threats among the Incident Response Teams and Security Operation Centers (SOCs).

    • February 25 - 27, 2019

      With the continuous increase of cyber crime in the Middle East and the new cyber attacks, organisations are facing challenges in securing their data and prevent from important information breach. The 8th Annual Cyber Security and Data Security Forum will focus on how to detect, prevent the cyber threats and if attacked how to recover from it without affecting the on going business operations. The 8th edition of the highly-successful cyber security conference portfolio, will gather key stakeholders from the government, oil& gas, banking, telecom and other industries to create a platform to help in detecting and preventing cyber threats and if attacked how to implement the best recovery management strategies for a smooth business continuity.

    • March 12 - 13, 2019

      Security is not just for the IT team: it now impacts everyone, and is an imperative consideration for the entire business. Security stretches beyond the boundaries of the core business, out to the edge; on the cloud, mobile devices and IoT, all of which are in transit and can potentially be a moving cyber target. The challenge now is in the need to balance innovation and productivity with functional cloud and cyber security. Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, is the only place that gives YOU everything you need to learn, wherever you are in your digital transformation journey and to stay safe in an increasingly hostile digital environment. It’s quite simply the industry-leading event for digital-age guardianship.

    • March 17 - 19, 2019

      Showcasing trends & breakthrough technologies that impact the way people live, communicate, work & network in the 21st century. The transition to a knowledge-based information society lies at the heart of Oman's Vision 2020 and development toward Vision 2040. Highlighting key industries identified in the national strategy, a special emphasis is being given this year to Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Tourism, Healthcare & Education at next year’s Comex.